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Crest Nicholson Downlights

Crest Nicholson is a British house builder and for many years has been using a LED Downlight made in the UK by Photonstar®. With thousands installed all over the UK these products are now Made by Seren Lighting to the same high quality and performance standards. Codes include PSLSP0010581.01 and PSLSP0010581.02

If your home was built by Crest Nicholson there is a high chance you have a product in the Ceiling that was made by PhotonStar® this product was made in the UK and is now made by Seren Lighting.  Crest selected one of the most effective and reliable lighting products each built to high quality standard consisting of three main parts.  With the green loop in loop out conector, this allows a tool-less removal of the light from the ceiling, a carefully designed LED driver that controls the power to the LED light and finally the light itself.  These lights are in a sealed unit and installed in bathrooms and kitchens!  The bathroom lights are specially rated to IP65 (to be used in wet locations).  Both lights are also rated for fire protection, maintaining the fire barrier if such an incident should happen.
The Build spec on these lights is fixed to: White Bezel 3000K LED colour wide beam and diffused lens and 2 choices of drivers.

  • Code PSLSP- PSLSP0010581.01 non dimming driver
  • Code PSLSP - PSLSP0010581.02 mains dimming driver

Both drivers can be used with a standard light switch on and off, and the mains dimming driver can be used with a LED wall dimmer switch. 

Today we are still manufacturing the same light in terms of metal work and the look in the ceiling, we have simply updated the driver and now only offer the UNI driver that works well with switches and dimmer switches.

the ordering code for this great prodcut is 
PSLSP0010581MW/SL1-650-830/WF/UNI have a look at the details by clicking above.

Built to order in a few days please call us on 01495 365424 or email to receive replacements.