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Service Centre

On older LED products components can fail; our Service Centre team can diagnose and fix issues, bringing these products back to life.

Service & Repair Centre

Our Service Centre is where we bring older LED products back to life, refurbishing fittings and upgrading LEDs.  All products have a natural lifespan, after which parts may begin to fail reducing light quality, flickering and failing completely, or you may simply want to change the housing or the driver to enable dimming.

Whatever the situation we can usually upgrade or fix product previously purchased from PhotonStar LED, saving you & the environment significant cost. All work is completed by our dedicated build team in Wales and we can often turn this around in a matter of days, for diagnostics and  specific product lead times please get in touch.

Lighting Guide

If you are not a Lighting expert sometimes the terminology can be a bit confusing, click here to view a quick guide that will help you know your Lumens from your Watts and how to choose what's right for your space.

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Our Story

With a combined experience of over 20 years in LED lighting and Manufacturing Seren Lighting was formed by a small team of former Photonstar LED employees who believed in the products. The team wanted to continue manufacturing these high-quality products in the UK; providing excellent customer support with advice, solution design, quality build, post-sales support and refurbishment of Photonstar Products.

Seren Lighting secured ALL patents for product design and their associated Fire and IP ratings from Photonstar LED and have been trading as Seren Lighting ever since. We look forward to working with you on your specific requirements, delivering your perfect lighting solution at the right price.

Our Products

Universal applications for Residential or Commercial settings, quick and easy to install compatible with Control Systems.

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Data Sheets

Our Datasheets provide details of all our Product Specifications and Options available on Standard Products

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